7 Videos To Watch When You Have Nothing Better To Do

18 Sep

Marlon Brando – Screentest

Elizabeth Taylor – General Hospital Outtakes 1

Elizabeth Taylor – General Hospital Outtakes 2

Che Guevara – Irish Interview – 1964

Laurence Olivier – Richard III

Jessica Fletcher Freeze Laugh

Kraftwerk – Das Model

5 Theme Tunes From A Period Drama Series

14 Mar

Jane Eyre

North & South

Downton Abbey

Little Dorrit

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

6 Mystery Guests on “What’s My Line?”

16 Oct

George Sanders

Bette Davis

Vincent Price

Sammy Davis, Jr.

Alfred Hitchcock

Groucho Marx

5 Embarrassing Moments In Irish Politics *!Warning – Expletives!*

15 Sep

Hissy Fits

Unparliamentary Language

Irish Prime Minister (Taoiseach Brian Cowen) doing a “sing-song”

Irish Prime Minister (Taoiseach Brian Cowen) doing ANOTHER “sing-song”

Brian No-mates

9 More Youtube Videos

24 Aug

Robert De Niro

Dustin Hoffman

Sir Ian McKellen – Extras

James Spader and Andrew McCarthy interview – Pretty in Pink premiere

Corey Feldman “dancing” in Dream a Little Dream

The Beatles perform Shakespeare in colour

George Harrison at John Lennon’s home

John Lennon and Bob Dylan in a taxi

Jack Wild (AKA The Artful Dodger) Interview

Guest Post – Olive Recommends

11 Jul

Olive O’Brien is a writer, book publisher, journalist and complete movie addict, among other things.  Olive also runs two blogs.  Movie News First, a look at the latest film releases, trailers and entertainment gossip. While Write Olive focuses on her writing endeavors.

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Olive Recommends…A Taste of Ireland

For our friends outside of Ireland, I thought I would include a small taste of Irish life:) Enjoy!

The first is a clip from “Intermission”; an Irish film starring Colin Meaney and Colin Farrell. Deirdre O’Kane, a well-known Irish comedian features in it and it’s but a tiny sample of our infamous “customer service.”

This one made me laugh. The Gardaí are the police and these two unfortunates were the subject of a prank carried out by a member of the public. So you have two mobile ones; you use one to ring one garda station & the second to ring another station and you hold the two phones together to talk to each other. What will be the result? The following…

One of my favourite Irish comedians, Dylan Moran talks about what others think of the Irish..,tis true begorrah!

3 Videos From “Young Hollywood”

5 Jul

Clark and Michael – Bad Neighbours scene

Drunk History Vol I.

Cinemash – Dirty Dancing

Guest Post: Novia Recommends

1 Jul

Novia Rozet is a polyglot blogger from Indonesia. As well as working as a teacher, Novia writes articles on films, music and books for her blog “Novroz’ Favorite Things”. Novia’s blog incorporates subjects on cultures from around the globe and is favoured as a resource for those who wish to expand their knowledge of the arts in a global forum.

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The S.I.G.I.T

 The S.I.G.I.T is one of Indonesian FEW great bands. There are a lot of bands in Indonesia but only a small amount can be considered and labeled as GREAT BAND, one of them is The S.I.G.I.T

 You can pronounce it The S.I.G.I.T as the sigit (without the dots), it pronounces see-git (similar with bit but change ‘b’ into ‘g’)

They were formed in 1994

They put their name in NME’s Stereo in 2005 “The S.I.G.I.T. – Black Amplifier.
Scorching, gonzo Zep Rock from our hot new Indonesian Friend”

Although they are still an Indie Band, they toured around Australia in 2007 and appeared at SXSW 2009 in Austin Texas and toured California and Hongkong.

I picked these 2 videos.

Money Making’ is one of my favorite songs

This one is also my favorite, it’s called Provocateur, both as a song and as a video. It’s simple but captivating.

Hope you’ll enjoy this rare talent from my country 🙂 


Guest Post – Ronan Recommends

22 Jun
Ronan Wright is a self-confessed celluloid junkie, aspiring critic and film graduate from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He runs the popular website www.filmplicity.com, where you will find reviews of both contemporary and classic films. Ronan’s reviews have also featured in The Belfast Telegraph.


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Ronan Recommends…3 Short Films
The Bloggerly versatile, highly recommended, Róisín, polished purveyor of all n’ sundry with sunny simplicity from the Irish side of the blogosphere, has kindly invited me to give my own recommendation of videos you might have missed, imaginatively labelled ‘Ronan Recommends’.
The Stork (Monster TV commercial)
The T-shirt 
Hey, what’s that? A Sparrow! 
Hope you enjoy these recent little discoveries of mine as much as I did.

11 TV Ads

16 May


Lanvin Chocolate (starring Salvador Dali)

Paul Masson Champagne (starring Orson Welles)

Fever Pachinko (starring Nicholas Cage) 1

Pachinko (starring Nicholas Cage)

Suntory Whiskey (starring Sean Connery)

Tokyo Drink (starring John Travolta)

Tsumura Commercial (starring Dennis Hopper)

PSA (starring Clint Eastwood)